Sunday, December 8, 2013

SinfulColors Got A Blush On You

*Press Sample*

I haven't posted anything in a long time. I'm not even sure I remember how, although I'm sure things have changed since the last time I did anyway. lol! I have missed blogging, but I haven't been able to acquire a lot of the new polish and I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in older polish. I realized that I did this as much for me as for my readers and decided to just do what I can. Hopefully it won't completely bore you all to death.

Today I actually have a fairly new polish to show you. It is SinfulColors Got A Blush On You. This is from the Crystal Crushes collection and was available exclusively at Walgreens. I know my Walgreens still has these so it is worth it to look.

This is a textured polish that is SinfulColors describes as a multifaceted 3D texture sprinkled with an angel dust finish. Got A Blush On You is a fuschia color. I used 2 coats of Got A Blush On You and two of the black, which is Sinfulcolors Black on Black. I could have actually used just one coat of the Got A Blush On You but I'm odd and like to have the same amount of coats on each finger. There is no top coat on any of my nails.

Direct Light
Direct Light
Indirect Light - blurry pic to show the glitter effect.

The Crystal Crush Collection is made up of 8 polishes that cost $2.99 each at Walgreens.
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*Press Sample*

Friday, March 15, 2013

Other Ways To Follow Me

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Google is changing things again. I'm not sure I entirely understand what is going on, but I'm pretty sure it means that you need to find new ways to follow my blog if you still want to see my posts.
These are ways to follow me:

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Facebook - this gets updated fairly often

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Pinterest - this has a lot of random stuff.

Instagram - this is mostly nail stuff but has some random things.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lorax

When Above The Curve contacted me about reviewing their Dr. Seuss line of polishes I jumped at the chance. Not only do I love their polishes but I love Dr. Seuss.

Above The Curve is a husband and wife team from the Pacific Northwest (gotta support other Pacific Northwesters!) They make polish for a cause. That cause being Shriner's Hospital for Children, where they donate $1.00 of every polish bought, and to bring awareness to Scoliosis. This cause is close to their hearts because when Angel was young the Shriner's helped her. You can read her story here. Above The Curve has donated $650.00 to date!

The Lorax was inspired by the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax (obviously.) This is my all time favorite children's book. My son and I both have pretty much the whole thing memorized. I have not seen the movie though. I just can't bring myself to do it. lol!

For these pictures I used 3 coats of The Lorax, with a base coat and fast dry top coat. This polish is described as an orange-y yellow holographic polish. I'd just call it gold. It is close to the Lorax's mustache color, maybe between his body color and mustache color.

Taken with flash to show holo.

This polish, like all Above the Curve polishes I've been lucky enough to use, has a great formula and applies really well. 

I also figured since Saint Patrick's Day is coming up I'd do a little stamping. I found this stamp on my Bundle Monster stamping plate #03. I had a little bit of a problem getting the stem to come out but it looks fairly decent I think. 

Above The Curve polishes can be bought at their Big Cartel store or their Etsy store for $9.00 per full size bottle.

The products in this post were sent to me for review. The opinions expressed are mine. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

More Zoya PixieDust

Today I'm going to show you the second manicure I've done using polishes from the Zoya PixieDust collection. I love these polishes way more than I thought I would! 

For this one I used Nyx with an accent finger of  London. 
Like the last manicure I did (you can see it here) I followed Zoya's instructions: 
PixieDust Application Information -  Do not use a base coat or top coat. Apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry down completely matte in between layers for full textured effect. The PixieDust textured formula may take up to 10 minutes to dry completely matte. Once dry, the textured finish is long lasting, matte and ultra-glittery!
These two applied just as well as the first two that I used. They had a nice even coverage and didn't clump anywhere. As with the other manicure I used 3 coats of each polish.
It is kind of odd to not top coat these but the texture isn't really rough and is actually kind of fun to feel.

These were easy to remove, not any more difficult than a regular creme polish. 

You can get these polishes at the Zoya website for $9.00 each.

These products were sent to me for review. The opinion expressed is my own. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Celebrating Dr. Seuss with some polish!

What better way to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday than with some Dr. Seuss inspired polish?

Today I have some polish from Above The Curve to show you. Above the Curve is a  husband and wife team. Not only do they make amazing polish but they donate $1.00 of each polish sold to Shriner's Hospital for Children and are raising awareness for Scoliosis. They are also just amazingly nice people.

Onto the polish. I am going to show you 2 polishes from the vast Dr. Seuss collection. Today I have Horton Hears A Who and Oh, The Places You'll Go.
Horton Hears A Who is an elephant gray color with micro pink glitters in it. How perfect is that? It's an amazing polish because sometimes it just looks gray and then you move and you get these great pink flashes.
I used 3 coats of Horton Hears A Who for these swatches. You could probably easily get away with two, but I have issues with brushes in minis so I did three to help level the polish out. That is my fault, not the polish. There is a perfect amount of glitter in this one.
Oh, The Places You'll Go is an amazing white based polish with pastel hex glitters and iridescent hex and square glitter in it. I used 4 coats for this swatch but I didn't use any base color. This one also had a great glitter amount.
I actually had a man in line behind me at the grocery store compliment me on this manicure. It is the first time I've had a man say anything about my nails so I was pretty stoked. :)

Both of these went on really well and I didn't have any problems with formula or application.
Horton Hears A Who hasn't been released yet but you can get Oh, The Places You'll Go and other Dr. Seuss inspired polishes, plus many others, at either Above The Curve's Big Cartel store or their Esty store. Full size polishes cost $9.00

These polishes were sent to me for review. That in no way influenced my opinion. The opinion expressed here is mine and mine alone. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Puzzled and Polished

I have something a little different to show you today. It is still polish related though.

Today I am going to show you a product from Puzzled and Polished. Puzzled and Polished is run by a husband and wife team. They are using this business to raise money for Walk Now for Autism Speaks and to help promote Autism awareness. All the proceeds from the sale of their items are being donated to the Milwaukee Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry so instead I was sent magnets to review. These are a great way to have your love of polish out and not have it be in your face obvious.
I received a set of 6 magnets. I'm really not sure how to review magnets so I'll just show you some pictures.

As you can see one magnet will hold up a standard piece of paper. However if it is thicker than normal paper you will need more than one magnet. *Update* I have been informed that new stronger magnets are being used. 
These are pretty and sparkly and add a nice touch of color to the fridge. 

Puzzled and Polished has items for $4 and $8. The items that are $4 consist of: magnet sets, ornaments, hair pins, and pin sets. The $8 items are: pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. 

You should really check out Puzzled and Polished. They have great items for a great cause at a great price. :) 

These items were sent to me for review. That in no way influenced my opinion. My opinion is mine and mine alone. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Model City Polish Spring Pastel Holo Collection.

Today I have the Spring Collection from Model City Polish to show you.

This is a set of 5 pastel holos. All of the swatches are 3 coats of polish with no undies, and with a coat of Hong Kong Girl topcoat. I had no issues with application on these. They went on smoothly.

First up is Pretty In Pink. This leaned more purple on me than it did pink but it sure was pretty. I had planned on this being my Valentine's Day manicure, but I messed it up before Valentine's Day. :(

Next is Orange You Just Peachy. This one was named perfectly because it's a great peachy/orange color. 
I love this one. 

This picture shows You Blue Me Away, I Lilac What You Did There, Anti Establish Mint, and on my pinky is OPI Ski Teal We Drop with Seize The Rainbow over it. Seize The Rainbow went on pretty thick so it silvered the polish quite a bit. I should have wiped the brush off a little better but didn't realize that it would silver that much. Seize the Rainbow redeems itself though. I'll show you how in a little bit. 
I also didn't top coat Seize The Rainbow. 

I couldn't get the pictures to show the holo so I figured the best way to do that was video. Unfortunately I didn't get video of Pretty In Pink.
Here is video of Orange You Just Peachy:


Then I got a picture of the other 3 colors and Seize the Rainbow. 


In this one I put a coat of Seize the Rainbow over Anti Establish Mint but did not top coat it. You can see that the color of Anti Establish Mint didn't change as much as the color on my pinky. 


You can get these polishes from Model City Polish's Esty store for $8.00 for a full size or $4.00 for a mini. They are also offered in sets of the 5 colors with a free Seize The Rainbow. You can purchase those for $20 for a mini set or $40 for a full size set

These polishes were sent to me for review. That in no way influences my opinion. The opinion expressed is mine and mine alone.