Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heavy Petal by Jessica

Today I am going to show you the Heavy Petal Collection by Jessica. I am going to start off by telling you a little about Jessica polishes just in case you aren't lucky enough to have experience with them .
All Jessica colors are formulated with antioxidant vitamins for maximum conditioning and UVA/UVB protection from the sun. Jessica polishes are quick-drying and eco-friendly, free of toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP. 
The Jessica brand of nail care from Jessica Cosmetics International is available in 35 countries at salons, spas, and retailers and globally at

Jessica Heavy Petal is the Sping 2012 collection. It consists of 6 polishes, 3 pinks and 3 purples. The pinks are:
Rolling Rose, Hotter Than Hibiscus, and Dazed Dahlia. The purples are: Born 2 Pansy, Geranium Gypsy, and Witchy Wisteria.
All of these went on smooth and took 2 coats. The brush on Geranium Gypsy was thinner than the other brushes, but it didn't make much of a difference. I probably could have actually got away with 1 coat on Dazed Dahlia and Witchy Wisteria.
The colors are as follows: index Dazed Dahlia, middle Hotter Then Hibiscus, ring Geranium Gypsy, pinky Witch Wisteria. You can see in this picture that Witchy Wisteria has a really pretty shimmer in it.

 These two are Rolling Rose and Born 2 Pansy. They are both very light colors and required 3 coats to get even coverage and 4 coats so there was no visible nail line. As you can see there isn't a huge difference between these two but there is a difference. I have Born 2 Pansy on my index and ring finger and Rolling Rose on my middle and pinky.

 I tried to take a picture of the bottles so you can see the difference in color and the shimmer.

These were sent to me for review. The opinion expressed is my own.